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2011台宣实时报导 (每日更新)

8/13 Today is our last day of our Taiwan short term mission. We took place a combined showcase for all our 5 English Camps in Da-Chia. There are over 300 students and 20 parents come. We are so surprised that they perform unexpected well English skill by singing, dancing and reading. And many kids use English to express appreciation to our teachers. We are so excited and with full of thanks to our God.

8/13 今天是我們在大甲地區5個英文營的聯合成果展,一早就有許多學生與家長興奮的來到會場。雖然有一些學生因為補習或其他因素不能來到,但也有大約超過300位各校同學與20多位家長來到。


After this showcase, we completed our short term mission.
We have a follow-up plan for Huei Ming VBS, We have partnership with 3 Taiwan churches to have reunion activities in next 3 quarters in this coming year.



Thanks God, we have over 500 persons accept Jesus. We feel God open more wider door here and soft people's heart in this year. Though we don't really know whether there are any Christians who raised their hand in our calling or any of them have raised their hand in past year before. Anyhow, we believe Jesus's name have been glorified.

Thank you for praying and fighting with us in this spiritual war.


08/12 Today is the last day of VBS and English/Character camps. Praise the Lord! We have seen God’s abundant blessing in this ministry. We serve around 1000 people (including adults and kids), more than 500 persons accept Jesus as their savior, Glory to Lord!


After a week long of friendship, our youth and school's students have built a very strong bond. It’s sad that we had to end this relationship so soon. Many students want us to come back next year. All schools’ principals have shown their appreciation by giving many presents to our teachers. 日南中學 vice-principal even asks us to come back for the next five years. We pray that we have left the strong message, to all students, that Jesus is the true Savior, and he will give all who believe in Him an eternal life.

經過為期一周的友誼,我們的孩子和學生們建立了非常緊密的關係。很難過必須結束這種關係了。許多學生希望我們明年能再回來相聚。所有學校的校長都送了很多 的禮物給我們的老師們。日南國中的副校長甚至要求我們未來五年都能回來。我們祈禱我們留下了強烈的信息給所有的學生,那就是耶穌是真正的救世主,他會給所 有相信他的人永恆的生命。






Praise the Lord! Tonight’s VBS was a hit. The silent show ‘Redeemer’ delivers a very powerful message and received lots of applause. Teachers from both parent groups used this last chance to deliver gospel in their presentation. In group A, 3 parents answered the gospel calling and many requested information about local church. ‘Undersea World’ was the theme of today’s Center Piece. It’s so beutiful that it seems that everyone wants to capture every piece of it. Principal Lai delivered a very powerful message. We deeply believe this is a life-changing experience for many kids.




The coming Sunday will be lunar calendar’s July 15th, the day that hell closes it's door to the wondering ghosts according to the local idol worship. When ghosts return to hell, they take with them those people who are careless or show no respect to the idol. Many people worship the idol due to fear of revenge. The evil power has a very stronghold in Dai-jar. During this trip, we noticed that many people were touched by gospel, but they don’t want to be a Christian just because of fear. We ask your continue prayer toward those group of people. Pray that God releases their fear and encourages them to make the right choice.

即將到來的週日將是農曆的7月15日(中元普渡)。根據地方偶像崇拜,這一日,地獄將關閉其孤魂野鬼的門。當返回到地獄時,他們會將那些不小心或顯示不尊 重偶像的人一齊帶進陰間。許多人崇拜偶像是由於害怕報復。邪惡的力量在大甲有一個非常強的據點。在這次旅行中,我們看到很多人被福音所感動,但因為恐懼而 不敢成為一個基督徒。我們請您繼續為這一群人代禱,祈求神釋放他們的恐懼,並引導他們作出正確的選擇。

08/11 Wow! Time really flies. We have only two days left for this trip. Praise the Lord and thanks for your prayer. We still experience God's presence and blessing everywhere we go.

This morning we had a chance to talk about gospel to principal and director of 西岐國小. They really appreciate our support to their drama team. We also had a chance to see the drama presentation. The performance is amazing. Kids from 西岐國小 are doing a wonderful job. Please continue praying for their competition to be held in September and, of course, their spiritual growth (they are all Christians now).

In日南Middle School, our kids and students are really getting along. Their English drastically improved. We started talking about the gospel today. Praise the Lord! We had over 30 kids show their willingness to accept the gospel. Your continuous prayer is greatly appreciated and urgently needed.

Our VBS is always a success. The kids had a wonderful time. Huei-Ming worship team is amazing. No one can believe they are blind kids. God is really fair and these kids show a lot of talent in music. We also did an alter call and lots of kids showed their willingness to accept Jesus as their savior. Thank God for His amazing work. Tonight's Center Piece is an all-vegetable decorated Calvary, where Jesus crucified on the cross. Thanks for the nice work of Benjamin Lee.

Please pray to God to give us wisdom and resource for the follow-up work. We praise God for His amazing work during this mission trip. However, it means that the follow-up work will be overwhelming. Please pray for Pastor Liu of 日南 Church. She is a wonderful pastor, but she does need more equipped helpers.



We will try to have a calling for our 2 largest camps tomorrow (8/11)- Huei Ming VBS(210 persons) and Rih-Nan Middle School (370 persons). We all wish them can accept Jesus before we leave.

We need your urgent pray to let God touch their life and we can be strong to share gospel.



8/10 Praise the Lord! Fourteen members from EFC 新竹台福教會 joined us today. Over all, the following churches are participating in this ministry: FEC SGV, FEC Cerritos, 台北行道會,篤行教會,新竹台福教會,豐富教會,曰南教會. Hallelujah! It's so great to have many congregations set aside their differences and join together, we can really make a difference. May God bless this ministry and bless those who we serve.

讚美主!今天有 14 位新竹台福教會的兄姐前來觀摩及同工。到目前為止有以上 7 間教會放下彼此的成見能同心在日南興旺福音,我們必要見證一個改變的大能在其中。哈利路亞,願神祝福這個事工並我們所服事的對象。



東明國小營會中有英文班與話劇班,今天早上在東明國小,Rebecca and Sophia 引領所有英文班19位孩子信主。加上昨日一位,東明共20位信主。


在日南國小組 Connie呼召,所有未信主的都舉手決志,最後,全班20位全部信主。




It's hot and humid in Taiwan. There is no way we can dry our team T-shirt over night and we only have 2 T-shirts per person. This morning one brother murmured that it was hard to put on the still wet T-shirt. Another brother encouraged, "That's ok, It will be wet in 10 minutes any way." What team spirit! This trip is not easy, but when we see the harvest, no hardship is unbearable. Lord, may you increase.

台灣真是又濕又熱,前晚才洗的衣服晨早是不可能乾的,而我們儘有兩件特定的 T-shirt 可以更換。一個弟兄喃喃自語”濕的衣服如何能穿"。另一個弟兄聽見了,就鼓勵說”又有什麼關係,反正十分鐘之後又會濕的”何等地團隊精神!這個旅行並不容易,但當我們看到豐收的時候,再大的艱難又有什麼不能熬的。主,願你興a旺。



August 9, 2011 日南國中第二天
8/9 Praise the Lord! We had a wonderful day again today. Even though today is the second day of the 5-day camp and VBS, our kids are still enthusiastic about their work. Some kids stayed up to almost 1:00 AM. However, their endeavor received the best reward. Kids from Rie-nan High School have changed their attitude toward our kids. They showed their interest on English and responded more during the class discussion.

During our visitation, many people accepted Jesus as their Savior. Many co-workers who were here in previous mission trips stated that the field is very soft compare to last year. Thank God for His abundant blessing.

Tonight's VBS is again a blessing. More kids came to the worship and bible discovery. Snack is well accepted as usual. The decoration received many "WOW"s.

感謝主,今天又是一個奇妙的一天。雖然今天是五天營會的第二天,孩子們的熱情沒有一絲的減少。甚至一些孩子們為了更好的演出而熬亱至凌晨一時多 。而他們的努力也得到很好的回應。在日南國中的英語班,很多同學已開始有正面的態度,不再是冷漠,而是積極地參與。在日南教會的英文班,昨日11人,今日來了多一倍,共22人。感謝主。



今晚的VBS又是一個祝福。雖然在聚會前有雷陣雨,可是參加的人數一點沒有減少。會後的宵亱像往常一樣受到極大歡迎。精心的裝飾更讓人讚不純口。孟安麗老 師對家長所交通的「有効的溝通」也摸着不少人的心,呼召時有6人信主,Rebecca在做小組分享時,有4位信主。家長B班來了約25人,比昨天又多了許 多,有2個人決志。

August 8, 2011日南教會主日/ 日南國中美語品格營
8/8 充實的父親節
8/8 is father's day in Taiwan. We started all our activities in 5 different schools in the morning and have a VBS at night. In all 750 students and 70 parents, God guides us to share gospel with many interesting ways, including lectures, worship, skit...etc. We also visit around 10 families.
Thanks God, there are about 21 persons accept Jesus today.

8/8 今天是台灣的父親節,也是我們所有營會的第一天,我們受到天父莫大的恩典。早上,所有短宣隊員七十多人到齊,出發前往5個營會地點─日南國中(375個學 生),東明國小(35個學生),華龍國小(55個學生),西岐國小話劇隊(15個學生),與日南教會(30個學生);一切都在神保守下齊頭並進。第一堂課 是專題講座,日南國中由饒賢偉弟兄說「奇妙的地球」,東明由左香蘭分享「自我接納」,華龍由FECC戴元涔傳道分享「誠實」。這一些專題,給了同學們一個 充滿性與感性的開場白。之後的勁歌熱舞(敬拜)與聖經故事皆是英文,雖有中文翻譯,但也是給同學們一個非常好的機會讀英文。並藉此認識神。

值得一提的是,西岐雖然只有15個同學,但神賜下機會給楊慧芳姊妹,居然第一天就像6個同學傳福音並決志信耶穌。這個機會是很有趣的,因為孩子們調皮,到 處玩,結果翻了翻楊姊妹的並找出一本傳福音用的「好消息─兒童四律」,由於是圖畫式的,所以同學就要楊姊妹講故事,但我們信心小,不敢第一天傳,想過2天 再慢慢傳,但同學們童言童與說「既然是好消息,為甚麼不能馬上說呢?」再加上正值傳統鬼節,孩子麼都很怕,於是楊姊妹就向他們說福音的故事,最後,竟然有 6位決志要信主。感謝主!

探訪組早上的探訪行動也諸多進展,除了探訪跟進過去傳過/探訪過的家庭外,也探訪許多新的家庭,總共今天共探約10個家庭,有3個人決志。值得一提的學習 是,有一個老奶奶,去年我們用各樣的方法都不能傳進,這次我們再去探訪,正值老奶奶身體發熱非常不舒服,黃瑞君牧師就為她刮莎,邊刮邊傳,最後老奶奶終於 軟化,決志信主。


傍晚5點,這裡突然下起傾盆大雨,我們都非常擔心,也迫切禱告。深怕影響第一天VBS營會的出席率,結果,預計210個學生,來了197位,幾乎沒有幾個 人缺席。真感謝主。家長班有A、B兩班,A班48人,B班15人。A班中原是左香蘭姊妹的「停止傷害─親子關係」,透過禱告,講員們隨著聖靈更改方式,結 果居然在第一天帶出呼召,還居然有12個家長舉手決志信主。感謝主!


August 7, 2011 台中豐富教會主日崇拜
8/7 短宣隊至台中思恩堂豐富教會聚會,教會的青年團契特地邀請與我們的年輕人聯誼聚會;郭寬宗牧師又特別邀請短宣隊協助今天福音主日的服事,短宣隊的年輕人在 2堂聚會中以默劇「Redeemer 救贖者」演出神的創造,人的背逆,最後神自己下來背負人的罪並死在十字架上…,出色的演出加上美好的燈光音效,博得滿堂喝采,又因演出的極為感人,許多 人,包含牧師們都感到熱淚盈框。鄭牧師在回應分享中特別感謝郭牧師除了派同工協助我們VBS之外,還在今年一月FECSGV柴姊妹父親喪禮中特別的協助禮 拜儀式,並傳福音給全家人,這樣的恩典在兩個教會在合一服事上有了美好的見證。
On 8/7, we went to the Abundance Church to worship God. Our youth was invited to perform the mime, the Redeemer, in their worship services. Their performance won wonderful feedback from the church members and newcomers. Praise the Lord for our very talented young people!!

Pastor Kuo from the local church had lunch with some of our co-workers and they discussed the possibilities of future collaboration between the two churches.

Stephen Tzeng shared a great message in a workshop at Tu-Shing Presbyterian Church this afternoon.

200個孩子的跟進工作. 我們計畫在未來每3個月辦一次1天的活動,惠明學校負責場地與學生們的招聚, 篤行教會接下11-12月(聖誕節期)的跟進,豐富教會樂意合作明年1-2月份的跟進。榮耀歸給神!!
Praise the Lord!! Both Tu-Shing Church and Abundance Church have gladly agreed to support the follow up to the 200 some children who will be attending the VBS. They plan to have quarterly meetings to gather the children at Hue-Ming School to provide more teaching and activities to enhance their walk with God.

Pastor Rue-Chun Wong joined the short term mission team this afternoon. She will be supporting us in the next 5 days and helping us discern the future of our Taiwan short term ministry.
8/6 STM had a Marrage Workshop at Fong-Fu Church. There are 50 more brothers/sisters comes to learn topics about family intimacy. Almost everyone has very positive feedback and, at the end, there are 8 couples have re-vow their marriage vow again in front of the Lord.
8/6 短宣隊在台中思恩堂豐富教會舉行「幸福講座 ─ 仲夏情人夢、攜手築真愛」,從上午8:30到下午5:30 共有50多位參加,在當中,廖茂爵傳道夫婦分享「婚姻城堡的內幕」「如何解決婚姻家庭的衝突與危機」,廖師母更分享了她與婆婆之間的婆媳問題,如何從火爆衝突到火熱相愛;梁經綸使用「親密之旅」中的分享「瞭解愛的語言,有智慧地存款」,除了理論教導,並予以實做練習,看著許多夫婦從羞怯表達,到深情分享,到最後熱淚盈框而彼此道歉、彼此感謝、彼此擁抱,並到台上分享心得,我們內心感到十分安慰與感恩。下午,楊慧芳姊妹以現身說法分享「走出原生家庭的陰霾」,台上台下都熱淚盈眶,許多台下弟兄還低聲啜泣,畢竟原生家庭是許多人知道但沒法處理的傷痛,感謝神,有許多人會後來向楊姊妹表達他們內裡的需要,特別有一位小姐妹受到原生家庭許多的傷害,楊姊妹特地與她一對一陪談,陪著她哭,並告訴她唯有耶穌是出路,她最後決定接受耶穌基督作救主。最後,毛曾平弟兄以生動活潑互動的方式分享「活潑有趣的婚姻」,在每一個問題中,弟兄組與姊妹組分別分享他們的難處與期待被愛的方式,幾乎每一個學員都非常踴躍發言。最後,當我們舉行婚姻重新立約儀式時,有8隊夫婦報名參加,並很慎重的重新在主面前重申婚約,並持定堅守不移。

In addition, there is another team to visit our brothers/sisters' family at Chi-Yi county. They comfort their family members and have a very warm time.
2011 TMSTM 0806
August 6, 2011 與小樂團練習
August 5, 2011 日南走禱

August 5, 2011 TWSTM

8/5 We STM went to Da-Chia area to have prayer walk. We went to all the schools to get to know the environment and to get to know the principals and directors of each school.

8/5 上午短宣隊至大甲地區認識環境與走禱,各校教學團隊分別到自己所負責的學校─日南國中、東明國小、華龍國小、與西岐國小拜訪,各校的校長或教務長接待並引領認識環境。

In the afternoon, during our prison ministry, out of the 264 prisoners, around half of them committed their lives to Jesus.


At night, Stephen Tseng, preached in a church in Taichung, fifty members of the church recommitted their lives to God to serve Him.

Another team went to visit the parents of Wei-Hong (a member from FECSGV).

Despite all the fruitful results, we encountered much spiritual warfare today as well. Three people bumped their heads which caused some discomfort. Half of the couple thousand popsicle that we bought for the students of the schools melted because the freezer door was not closed properly.
今天也碰到許多的屬靈爭戰,除了有些許下雨的問題外,很 「巧」的有3位重要同工今天都同時撞傷頭,曾修剛醫師與左香蘭姊妹更是在服事監獄事工的前一個小時在走禱時分別撞倒頭(有輕微腫脹與頭暈現象),另外DUKE傳道在晚間撞破頭有些許見紅;另外,我們預先採買給大甲550位同學每日的冰品點心(約數千份),原預存在東明國小的冰櫃中,不知為何,居然門被打開以致於大半融化而不能食用;在在都需要您的代禱與保護禱告。

We need your continuous prayer to fight this spiritual battle everyday!!

8/3 Rev. Joshua visited some brothers' and sisters' relatives in Taipei, and lead Jerry's sister in law to accept Jesus. Thanks God.

8/4 All US members peacefully arrived Huei-Ming School - our base station at Taiwan. In addition to unpack all group luggage and prepare decoration items, we send a team Rih-Nan church to share gospel to their society choir (almost 2/3 are unbelivers). Thanks god, finally, there is one new friend accept Jesus.

8/3 鄭牧師去探訪幾個會友在台灣親人的家庭,其中Jerry 的嫂嫂信主,接受耶穌,感謝主!

8/4 所有美國短宣隊的人都到了惠明學校報到(除了FECC孟安麗師母還在緬甸宣教未到之外),過程中LAX海關曾擋住我們一個行李,但感謝神,指揮的 PEILI姊妹很智慧當機立斷地處理,終平靜地解決了問題並帶領所有人與眾多的行李過關到達惠明。一整天,大家緊鑼密鼓的開箱,預備住處的床位,配合先頭 在7月底就到的DANNY一起預備布置場地…

晚上,一組人前往日南教會對當地社區合唱團見證佈道,香蘭姊妹生動地用「一刀剪出十字架」,以及感人的生命故事向在場的約30位團員見證。之後,賢偉弟兄 引用合唱團所唱的「月亮代表我的心」,以天文科學的科學發現說出上帝造月亮給我們地球何等大的祝福,告訴他們上帝才是真正可說「月亮代表我愛你們的心」的 創造者。進而鼓勵合唱團員信主並用歌聲獻給神。最後呼召時有一位舉手信主。榮耀歸主!
TWSTM 0804 ">**************************************************************************************************************************************
Taiwan STM departed to Taiwan in these 2 days, carrying over 25 luggage and boxes of VBS materials, gifts and decoration items (Pandas). Please pray for our safety and have good rest on the plane.

By weather forecast, there is a typhoon approaching Taiwan in next few days. Please urge pray for good weather for us.

Ann Lee has preached one of her relatives accepting Jesus. Praise the Lord.



August 3, 2011 晚TWM 到達桃園機場 ">***************************************************************************************************************************************

We appreciate your pray and supporting in past months. Your encouragement and pray indeed mean to us. We have a 40-days fasting and prayer board at church yard, please sign on at your preferred time-slot on next Sunday. With your prayer, we can fight this spiritual war with more confidence and power.

This Friday night 7/8, we team will serve our "fund raising dinner" last time, but with FREE of charge. It’s Taiwanese style 肉燥飯 to appreciated every one participation for fund raising. Please come early for dinner! We only prepare 50 set of dinner.

In last month, by God's grace, we will continue look forward to fundraising last $11000. Please also keep this in your prayer.

謝謝大家的禱告與支持。本週五 台灣短宣隊有最後一次的募款晚餐,為感謝大家在過去的支持,我們定之為「感恩晚餐」, 不收費. 我們預備了50份,先到先得,請及早來教會一起用餐。
備註: 7/17 (週日)服事最後一次「感恩早餐」,也不收費。

我們的募款至今繼續仰望神最後的$11000, 若您有感動,請支持我們並與我們一同征戰。


Taiwan STM Team.

August 4, 2011 TWM 開始準備


2020 6-8月装备课程介绍 

2019 第四季主日学课程介绍 

2019 第三季主日学课程介绍 


2018 第四季主日学课程介绍 

电影之夜 9/8/2018 

2018 第三季主日学课程介绍 

2018 国语堂退修会:成长人生 

2018 第二季主日学课程介绍 

圣周禁食及祷告指引 3/25/2018 – 3/31/2018 

全人医治特会 3/9-3/11/2018 

2018 第一季主日学课程介绍 


圣诞联欢晚会 12/16(六)8:00 pm 

2017 第四季主日学课程介绍 



10/10/2010 受洗见证 (许炳,赵旭东,陈超雄,和李天凤四位弟兄) 

2011台宣实时报导 (每日更新) 

7/11/2010 主日受洗见证  


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